Alexander Andriyashkin – contemporary movement artist.

Originally from Novosibirsk and now days based in Moscow (Russia), but works all over Russia as well as European countries.

In his activity is constantly searching for a balance between quality, performativity and simplicity.

on youtube


Some history:

In 1998 together with other young dancers he founded “Wampeter dc” (Novosibirsk). Till 2006 he participates with the company in many contemporary dance, art, dance theatre and movement festivals as a performer, choreographer and manager.

Was one of the founder and art-director of “Art- centre “PRO-motion””, which main aim is developing and popularization of contemporary dance in Novosibirsk.

In 2005 was initiator and coordinator of serious “Art Meets Art” (impro evenings where musucians, dancers, actors, visual and fine artists were sharing ideas and searching for common space)

In 2007 he moved to Moscow. Now days he works with“Povstanzi”company, leading physical project “MERA”. Works at Tsekh as teacher and choreographer. Actively involved in “Lab of Movement&Performance”. Member of “MOVE” project (an international collective working with border crossing stage art).

Together with fine and visual artists makes activity in frames of OGI project. Their performance was selected to the YOUTH YEAR Program 2010 in Art Department

Since 2005 work as a guest choreographer. Also makes movements for drama theatres.

Made collaborations with different jazz, folk and electronic musicians.

In 2009 was selected for Dance Web program – part of ImpulsTanz (Vienna)), and for the Jacob’s Pillow Lab (USA) in dance and theatre. In 2010 was invited for 3 months residency to Tanz Quartier (Vienna) to explore topic “Accumulation” in performance.

In 2011 was chosen for SiWic Lab for choreographers and his solo “I will try” was chosen to the short list of Aerowaves

Among his own creations and co-productions participates in the projects of other choreographers: “Meeting people” (R. Scott), “Gender Project” (lead by B. Voorham), “Under whose control” (A. Haengi), “Ofelia-Офелия” (M.Forsberg, D.Buzovkina, A.Pepelyaev), “Karamazov Brothers” (M.Bujkar), etc

Makes teaching and give workshops in contemporary and performance. As well as  movement and presence for actors.

youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/shurikand

vkontakte: http://vkontakte.ru/club12779384

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