• 2016:20 Jan — public talk with journalist Ekaterina Vasenina
    6 Feb, the_Marusya — premier, Dialogue Dance (Kostroma) — choreographer
    13, 14 Feb — duets «Love&Friendship» (curator), cc Zil
    26 Feb, release of impro audio album Winter, Lego из Ego
    4,5,6 MarchSLON (choreographer), masterskaya Brusnikina in frames of Golden Mask, Moscow
    8 March — solo-performance «the_Marusya» (choreographer), Skorohod, Saint-Petersburg
    16 March — festival of experimantal dance «Keys«(jury), Moscow
    23 March — bddc-bricks: , improvisational performance of BDDC&Lego-из-Ego, cc Zil 
    12 Apr — Empyness, premier (choreography for drama theatre), Tver, dir:Talgat Batalov
    23, 24 Apr — Chalk Circule , premier (choreography for drama theatre), Mayakovskiy theatre, dir:Nikita Kobelev
    14 May, bricks & perfo-P, PPP
    15 May — showing of «Lego из Ego» Lab , TanzHaus, Moscow
    18 May — the_Marusya, Krasnoyarsk
    15 June — the_Marusya, ccZil, Moscow
    24 June — the_Marusya, Stantsia, Kostroma
    30 Jul — me=dance=me, VDNH, Moscow
    27 Aug — SusaninTrip, Kostroma
    15 Oct — I was born, premier Snark, Moscow
    17 Oct — room for a writer, TerritoryFest, Moscow
    26 Oct — the_Marusya, ccZil, Moscow
    27 Nov — premier MaykovskyTheatre, dirNikitaKobelev
    25 Dec — Steps, perfromance in frames of perfromance wrkshp, Moscow

    6 Jan, Bricks, Gurzuf
    02-03 Feb, Eva — premier at Ermolova Theatre (choreographer)
    30 Jan, lecture (Nizhniy Novgorod)
    14 Feb, Bricks (Tsekh, Moscow)
    20 Feb,  Dekameron — premier at Sovremennik Theatre (choreographer)
    21 Feb, 6 solo men+bricks, (CM, Moscow)
    13 Mar, she says, ContDanceFest (Kharkov, Ukraine)
    17 Mar, RoomFor&LegoisEgo Party
    24 Mar, ‘kinder Bricks’ Lego is Ego (Tobolsk) 
    11 Apr, «Bricks» Lego is Ego (Moscow)
    30-31 May, SLON, premier by Kurs Brusnikina, choreographer (Moscow)
    31 May, Bricks+perfoП, Lego is Ego, ЦиМ, Moscow
    3 June, Bricks, Electroteatr (Moscow)
    6 July, performative lecture, Dance Hotel (Novosibirsk)
    23 Aug, bricks, Odessa, Ukraine2014:
    20 Feb, Berdichev — premier at Mayakovskiy (drama theatre, as a choreographer)
    15 Mar, Lego из Ego — performative DJ-ing
    16 Mar, outtabrackets, chor for BaletMoskva (in frames of Golden Mask)
    25 Apr, «being together: basic structures» performance in frames of Zelyonka Fest, Kiev (Ukraine)
    5 May, «Lego из Ego», Saint-Petersburg
    24 July, I will try, Beijing (China)
    6 Sep, BlackBox — performative installation, Moscow
    19-20 Sep, decalog — premier of drama piece at Mayakivskiy theatre (as choreogrpaher)
    28 Sep, Lego is Ego, Tsekh (Moscow)
    12 Oct, she says, Kiev (Ukraine)
    17 Oct, she says, Kostroma
    15 Nov, bricks by Lego из Ego, Tsekh (Moscow)
    26 Dec, bricks by Lego из Lego, (Moscow)

  • 2013:
    25 Jan, lecture «perfromace as a social practise» (Novosibirsk)
    7 Apr, «last», in frames of RussianCase (Moscow)
    17, 18 Apr, premier «Two women» (in drama theatre as choreographer)
    11 May, «i will try». Vilnus
    18-19 May, premier —outo(frames) — choreography for Ballet Moskva
    25 May, «Kids in the City», site-specific performance (Yaroslavl)
    12 June, «Black Box», performative installation in collaboration with Dmitriy Razumov in frames of FormaFest (Moscow)
    14 June, lecture «Identifying Audiences»in frames of Kedja (Klaipeda, Lithuania)
    1-3 July, performances in frames of «SHIFT» Lab, ArtPlay (Moscow)
    27 July, «BlackBox» (Moscow)
    11 Aug, «She says» in frames or residency at Stantsia (Kostroma)
    6 Sep, site-specific «the point» in frames of INterra Fest (Novosibirsk)
    12-14 Sep, outtaframes, chor for Ballet Moskva
    24-25 Sep, room performance in frames of 5’th Moscow Biennale
    12-13 Oct, «she says» — premier at Zill CC (choreographer)
    18-20 Oct, outtaframes, BalletMoskva (chor)
    3 Nov, «theatre» Arefiyeva -music video presentation feat public talk, FreeLabs (Moscow)
    10 Nov, «I will try» , Lublin Intarnational Dance Fest, (Poland)
    16 Nov, «5 Solo» — O.Timoshenko (mentor), Zil (Moscow)
    3-4 Dec, «she says», Kiev (Ukraine) — choregorapher
    13-14 Dec, outtaframes, BalletMoskva in frames of Tsekh Fest (choreographer)
  • 2012:

  • 23 Mar, «i will try» in frames of 4 SOLO project

24,25 Mar, premier ‘last‘ at AktZal

27 Apr, «I will try», Krasnoyarsk

8 May, «dance-puzzle», «…», «manifesto-man», Moscow

12 May, «question/answer», collaboration with Dmitry Razumov, Msc

18-19 May i will try in frames of DDF (Dublin)

22-28 May, premier of ‘…’ in frames of Povstanze Dance Group

1,2 June, «I will try», Potsdam (Germany)

6,8 June, opera «Alice», Pokrovskiy theatre (Moscow), choreographer

2 July, «I will try», Hamburg (Germany)

21 July, in frames of Sarah Shalten’s piece, AktZal (Moscow)

22 July, «Last», Akt.Zal, Moscow

18 August, «dance-puzzle», /8/» target=»_blank»>GorkiyPark, Moscow

25 August, «I will try», Spring Forward Festival (Basano, Italy)

31 August, «I will try«, Tanzemesse NRW (Dusseldorf, Germany)

16 Sep, «Wake Up» site-specific project with teenagers, Yaroslavl

5, 6 Oct, «North», colaboration with «7’th studio»‘s actors, Platform

10 Oct, lecture «Why contemporary dance?», ZiL

26 Oct, I will try, in frames of «Ones World«, Cyprus

27 Oct, I will try, Basel (Switzerland)

3 Nov, I will try, «Russian Dance in Berlin«, Berlin (Germany)

24 Nov, lecture, Ufa

9 Dec, , in frames of TSEKH fest


7 December, «i will try» (Kostroma) in frames of TSEKH fest

25 November, «i will try», Pushkin theatre (Moscow)

5 November, «i will try», Fest in Moldova (Kishinev)

6 October, release of web project «VIDEOлоги»

28 September«i will try» in frames of ZDVIG Fest (Kirov)

27 September, «manifesto-man» in frames of ZDVIG Fest(Kirov)

22 July — «i will try» at Strelka (Moscow)

14, 15 July — showing in frames of SiWiC (Zurich, Switzerland)

19 June — «manifest man» in frames of festival «action» (Moscow)

3, 4 June — participation in the rus-euro conference of cross-media collaboration (Moscow)

29 May — solo-performances by students of Lab of Movement, TSEKH (Moscow)

28 May — co-moderation «Personal&Social Stories» (Moscow)

16 May — solo «I will try»OKNO Fest (Saint-Petersburg)

14 May — Manifest Man, night of museums MMMA (Moscow)

13 May — «I will try»Stantsiya (Kostroma)

7 May — «Open», set at VinZavod (Moscow)

29 Apr — «Puzzle», impro perf of choreographers at TSEKH (Moscow)

5 Apr — solo «I will try»AntiStatic Fest(Sofia, Bulgaria)

2, 3 Apr — «Kuleshov Effect», Monkey Production, TSEKH (Moscow)

5, 6 Mar — solo «Iwilltry»TSEKH (Moscow)

18 Feb — solo «I will try»Gomel, Belarus

11 Feb — solo «I will try»Bye-Bye-Ballet, Saint-Petersburg

8 Janlecture, Dance-Hotel (Novosibirsk)