«i will try»

Author & performer: Alexander Andriyashkin

Assist: Vadim Kartashev, Nina Kungurova

Music which can be (un) used during the performance: the hood, f. sinatra, p. comelade, l. utesov, a. aleksandrov, a. newman, madonna, damien rice

Duration: 35-40 min

Thanks: Juliya Dolgova, Andrey Andrianov, «Po.V.S.Tanze», Olga Petrova, TQW, TSEKH

“ Solo of Alexander is build on a constant dialogue with the audience. It is a rare case when an artist and a spectacular don’t just look on each other from the darkness. It is that right chance to destroy the invisible but existing borderline across the edge of a stage. It is a risky experiment — because you never know – will we succeed to understand each other? And do we really need it?”          Tatyana Safonova