1378124_450188495101889_1857929097_nExperimental co-production of Alexander Andriyashkin and contemporary cast of Ballet Moscow Theater (http://baletmoskva.ru)

idea, choreography: Alexander Andriyashkin
dancers: Kamila Abuzova, Alexander Andriyashkin, Victoria Bryzgalova, Galina Gracheva, Arsen Imenov, Alexandra Rudik, Olga Timoshenko, Konstantin Chelkaev, Alexander Shuisky. Irina Lobkova, Eugeniya Glazunova
rehearsal-assistant: Olga Timoshenko, Alexandra Rudik
voice teacher: Marina Pereleshina
duration: 1h 10min

«Never go to this performance! All performances for teenagers are dull. Especially dance performances. Dancers who perform them also agree. (But if you finally decide to come – we will have to dance) Anyway never forget one thing: Mozart and Pushkin prefered parties!»
behind (the) brackets is a kind of grotesque. It’s a friendly caricature of school life. Of our memeries about it. It’s a grotesque teenage entertainment – if this kind of entertainment is at all possible. Maybe through this caricature glass we can travel to some tiny facts that really happend to us when we were school kids.