» * man» project

Project lead by movement artist Alexander Andriyashkin and fine artist Katya Ulitina.

Besides our own artistic activity together we search for statements, where street performance and fine art can meet together and create a common space of comunication

with socium in public spaces.

This year we are focused on a different criterias of a human as a social/contextual object. We do it under “ * MAN” project.

We’ve done already “Picture MAN” – where we used today’s performers’s and audience’s bodies and titles of famous pictures for the last 100 years. “Render MAN” – where we questioned analog and digital aspect of today’s perception of the body in the socium and in the art. «Manifesto MAN» — where each person can create it’s own slogan and put it on our transparant.

We plan to continue our research of a body and concepts of a man in a today’s world.